State of the art Equine Hospital

The new equine hospital at WEVC’s site in Cambridge and its large theatre and twin recovery suites, ensures that WEVC offers a ‘state of the art’ and highly efficient surgical service. This is complemented by strategic investment in new equipment including a brand new operating table from Finland - Haico’s Telgete II, a favourite amongst equine surgeons around the world, and an equine specific anaesthetic ventilator to help ensure that surgical cases are offered the highest quality of comfort and care throughout surgery and anaesthesia.

State of the art Equine Hospital

Dr Greg Quinn (BVSc, Cert ES, Dip ECVS Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery) is always looking to improve WEVC’s surgical service, his special interests and expertise are in minimally invasive surgical techniques (arthroscopy and laparoscopy), airway and sinus surgery, wound management and specialist dental surgery. Over the past six years, Greg has introduced many first's for WEVC’s clinic and also for Equine Surgery in New Zealand, such as: performing standing fracture repairs and arthroscopies in selected cases, and newer laparoscopic procedures such as nephrosplenic space closures.

Waikato Equine Veterinary Services has also invested in a surgical Diode Laser for performing selected standing airway and dermatologic tumour surgeries. Keeping up with new procedures and innovations is paramount to our clinic and Greg helps to achieve this through the annual attendance of International Equine Surgical Conferences in Europe.

Within our fully equipped equine hospital we offer;

  • A fully-equipped modern theatre for anaesthesia and surgery, with a padded, mobile, hydraulic surgical table, padded knock-down and recovery box.
  • A safe indoor examination area with easy-loading stocks for reproductive and dental procedures.
  • A secure, yarded stabling area for horses of all ages and types, with an indoor stabling area for intensive care patients and purpose-built multi-directional loading ramp suitable for back and side loaders, as well as trailers.
  • Safe, non-slip, level trot-up and lunging area for lameness evaluations.
  • Rapid interpretation of patients' diagnostic samples.

Our team of high experienced equine veterinary surgeons can provide expert care at our Equine Hospital or on your own premises.


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