A purpose-built mare and foal intensive care unit is available, that has a safe, separate area for compromised foals. This allows for constant intravenous fluid administration and nasal oxygen support while keeping the bond between the mare and foal intact.

The ICU is equipped with resuscitation gear (post c-sections) and heart rate, oxygen saturation as well as blood lactate monitors. High-resolution stall-side ultrasonography and digital radiography is used to assess the thorax, abdomen, umbilical, and musculoskeletal structures and is helpful in the diagnosis of disease or malformation.

The foals will often have indwelling intravenous catheters and nasogastric feeding tubes placed, which provides ease of administration of fluids, medication and milk. We have a very dedicated neonatal team that provide 24hour care and go above and beyond their duty to look after these precious foals. Our facilities are also equipped with video camera and remote heart rate monitoring


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