Reproduction (Breeding)

We offer reproductive management of broodmares on farm as well as in the purpose-built mare facilities at our clinic. Our highly experienced and qualified veterinarian's target is an early, healthy foal per mare, per year, and we use the latest research and technologies to achieve this.

We have a Reproductive Clinic every day between 1-3pm and we encourage clients to bring their mare(s) to the clinic for scans and artificial insemination, where they can be monitored through to ovulation. Pregnancies of high risk mares are monitored intensively for conditions such as placentitis. We offer fresh, chilled and frozen AI services and the i-Sperm system for objective semen quality evaluation.

Reproduction (Breeding)

A thorough reproductive work-up is performed for mares which are difficult to breed. We use the latest therapies including; fertility drugs, uterine biopsy, hysteroscopy, laser surgery and standing surgical repair of the reproductive tract, where necessary. The operating theatre is equipped with a hoist for dystocia cases and if necessary, caesarean sections.


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